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We all long to live a life that matters, to fill our days with work that makes an impact, to have meaningful relationships with family and friends, to know that our time on earth is making a difference. In our quest for significance we can easily get caught running a race of busyness and miss the joy in living. The temptation to find our worth in what we do, how we perform, or whom we know leads to a tireless cycle of never enough.

But God offers a better way. We may not dare to stop, but God did. After he created the world, God chose shabat (“to stop or cease”) on the seventh day. You see, God was not a workaholic. He had no need to be more secure, more sufficient, more in control, or more noticed. Where we would have seen an opportunity for “more,” God saw “enough.”

Enough: Celebrating the God of Freedom and Abundance is an interactive 14-day study with practical tools for all of us to pause and play with the God who longs for us to enjoy our days.

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