Kayla Allen

Pastor & Spiritual Director

I look at God, I look at you, and I keep looking at God.

–Julian of Norwich

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Comes to Spiritual Direction?

You might come to spiritual direction if:

  • You want to nurture your relationship with God
  • You are in a difficult or disorienting season and your old spiritual practices no longer work
  • You have more questions about God than answers
  • You have a desire for more, but are unsure what more is
  • You are discerning something and need a safe place to notice and listen


Is this Self Care?

Yes and no. Self-care is ability to care for oneself, usually physically or mentally, taking an active role in one’s wellbeing & happiness. Spiritual direction is an invitation to bring our soul, all that we are (mind, body, emotions, relationships), into the presence of a loving God and creating space to allow God to bring restoration, healing and comfort. In short, self-care is what you can do for yourself. Soul care what God can do for you.


How Often do we meet?

A monthly meeting works well. This provides time between each session for personal reflection and to prayerfully work out what arises during our time. Practically, it is a commitment that is sustainable for most people. However, there are seasons when it is helpful to meet more or less often. Together, we can decide on a rhythm that works best for you.


What is the difference between Spiritual direction, mentoring, counseling & Coaching?

Compared with other helping professionals, where the agenda is set by the client or mentee. The client is seeking the wisdom and expertise of the caregiver. These are all problem-focused. In direction, it’s a shared listening to God who is the source of wisdom and insight. So, the Holy Spirit is always at work, inviting us into a deeper relationship of love with God. It’s not focused on a particular problem.


What are your rates?

Sessions are 50 minutes long at $80. However, since I recognize that may not work for your budget, I can work on a sliding scale as needed.


Where do you Practice?

I host most of my sessions over video call. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia and am available to meet in my home, local church or retreat location. A travel fee may apply.


Practices for Spiritual Formation

There are endless ways to connect with the God who loves you.

I can guide you to something new or different.

Lectio Divina

A practice in reading the Bible for our formation, not just information. Integrate the teaching of the Bible into your heart and soul.

The Examen

A prayerful reflection looking back over a set time to pay attention to the movement of God. Practiced daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. 


Provides a unique opportunity to be present to ourselves, in mind, body and spirit as we surrender our false sense of control and receive the true rest of God with us.

Sabbath Keeping

A weekly practice that allows you to rest in the goodness of God. Develop rituals and practices of rest that restore your soul.

Silence & Solitude

A practice that creates space to empty yourself while quieting internal and external distractions so that God can fill you up.

Imaginative Prayer

An invitation to engage the senses and put yourself in a scene or scripture story to wonder with God. God can communicate with us including our feelings, emotions, memory, and imagination.