Spiritual Direction

Cultivate a life with God that sustains you in any season. Spiritual direction creates space for you to pay attention and respond to the movement of God.

Frequently Asked Questions

We live in a noisy world and our lives are defined by busy. It can be difficult to find the rest our souls need. Setting aside an intentional time to pause, breathe and listen to God brings peace and comfort. People seek spiritual direction for a variety of reasons – often proposed as a question:

why am I here?
how do I get unstuck?
is there more to life?

Underneath these questions is a desire to be known, experience love and live with purpose. No matter the question or season of life you find yourself in, spiritual direction creates space to cultivate your life with God.

Spiritual direction is not about finding all the right answers or a quick fix to life’s problems. Rather, spiritual direction is an intentional time to listen and respond to the movement of God in your life. Spiritual direction is an ancient practice and is founded in the truth that we see more of ourselves, others and the world when we seek the goodness of God together. 

As your spiritual director I am a grace-filled listener. I’ll offer hospitality for us to explore together to where God has been at work in your life, what his presence is like in this season and where he may be leading you. Spiritual direction can reveal the places of goodness, truth and beauty in your lie as well as the places God is inviting you to get unstuck. 

Spiritual direction will help you cultivate a life with God that can sustain you in any season. Spending time in the presence of Jesus allows the voices of freedom, grace and truth to emerge over the voices of fear, shame and lies. The goal of our time is to experience the love of God for you and know deep in your soul that your life is a gift.

A note to ministry professionals:
Resist the urge to get so busy doing for God that you forget to be with God. The best thing you can do for your ministry is to get the support and care your soul needs. I am passionate about helping ministry professionals create rhythms and relationships that sustain your call for the long haul. If I’m not a good fit, I can work with you to find someone who is.

Individual and group sessions are one hour.

Classes vary in length. Please contact me for more information

A monthly meeting works well. This provides time between each session for personal reflection and to prayerfully work out what arises during our time. Practically, it is a commitment that is sustainable for most people. However, there are seasons when it is helpful to meet more or less often. Together, we can decide on a rhythm that works best for you.

Counseling focuses on a past or current pain point. People seek counseling to work through thoughts, behaviors and relationships they would like to change or improve. In spiritual direction our focus is to gain God’s perspective. Together we look and listen for where God is at work in your story. We bring our questions, curiosities, doubts and dreams. As your spiritual director I’ll guide our time with questions that allow you to seek the goodness of God and respond to the invitation of love for you, your relationships and the world.

I meet with clients face-to-face in the Washington DC area. I am also available via Skype or FaceTime

Practices for Spiritual Formation

Here are some practices that help you connect more deeply with God and yourself

Lectio Divina

A practice in reading the Bible for our formation, not just information. Integrate the teaching of the Bible into your heart and soul.

The Examen

A daily, weekly, monthly or yearly practice of paying attention to the movement of God over time.

Sabbath Keeping

A weekly practice that allows you to rest in the goodness of God. Develop rituals and practices of rest that reflect your belief that you are not God.

Silence & Solitude

A practice that creates space to empty yourself and surrender so that God can fill you up.