The Examen

Ignatius Daily Examen, developed 400 years ago, is a genius, and challenging, method where one takes time to think and pray through a period of time (usually the past 24 hours). It is a process that raised awareness in our own hearts of how God moved. Practicing the Examen can open us to both the difficult and beautiful in our lives, relationships and profession. The examen is also a useful way of reflecting alone or with others on what God…

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Soul Care for Moms

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You are invited to journey with a small group of moms for a 6-week experience designed to help you draw closer to God. Together, we will engage in a variety of spiritual practices that create space to open your heart to God’s transforming love. When we gather online, our time will focus on reflection, storytelling, and listening to each other with curiosity. Our February group is full, but contact me for information on the Spring group now forming.

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Listen to a sermon from Sunday worship with Brambleton Presbyterian Church.  Forgiveness is at the heart of every growing Christian's life. It does not happen instantly. In the same way, our process to follow Jesus took time (even years). So is it with forgiveness. It’s not going to be easy and it may even be painful. You can’t do it on your own. Only God can give us the power to execute forgiveness in our lives. Text: Romans 12:14 - 21

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